Engaging the Structural
A group exhibition curated by Julie Karabenick

featuring works by
Timothy App - Maryland
Howard R. Barnhart - Maine
Siri Berg - New York
Laurie Fendrich - New York
Gail Gregg - New York
Cecily Kahn - New York
Julie Karabenick - Michigan
Tim McFarlane - Pennsylvania
Joanne Mattera - New York
Marjorie L. Mikasen - Nebraska
W. C. Richardson - Maryland
Vincent Romaniello - Pennsylvania
Christine Vaillancourt - Massachusetts

April 5-30, 2005
Opening reception: April 9, 2005, 5-7pm

Broadway Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Engaging the Structural, a group exhibition curated by artist, Julie Karabenick.  This exhibition, which runs from April 5-30, features the work of 13 abstract painters from seven states all of whom have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to geometric abstraction.

"There is a wonderfully wide range of style and sensibility in these paintings, from stripes to grids to variations and combinations of geometric figures that are straight and curved, hard-edged and soft, analytical and expressive, simple and complex. As a psychologist and artist, Karabenick is fascinated by the primal power that geometric figures continueto exert. For Karabenick, who is passionate about geometric form and pattern, one impulse in organizing Engaging the Structural was to show the diversity of contemporary geometric abstraction and to marvel at the continued vitality of this historic tradition. Artists, Karabenick proves, are still drawn to the richness of its syntax, a syntax that seems inexhaustible."

– from the accompanying essay, Geometry Reloaded, by Lilly Wei

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Timothy App Lair acrylic on canvas 44" x 44" 1999

Howard R. Barnhart Composition 2004n04a acrylic on panels 38" x 27" x 3" 2004

Siri Berg Straight Line oil on linen 30" x 20" 1996

Laurie Fendrich Jeanie oil on canvas 36" x 30" 2004

Gail Gregg Roza encaustic on panel 12" x 12" 2000

Cecily Kahn Bind oil on canvas 15" x 22" 2004

Julie Karabenick Composition 56 acrylic on canvas 30" x 30" 2004

Joanne Mattera Uttar 250 encaustic on panel 36" x 36" 2004

Tim McFarlane Here/There acrylic on panel 24" x 24" 2003

Marjorie L. Mikasen Rasa 3 acrylic on canvas 16" x 32" 2000

W. C. Richardson Cold Reasons oil and alkyd resin on canvas 16.5" x 16.5" 2004

Vincent Romaniello Untitled 4013 mixed mediums on paper 20.25" x 30"

Christine Vaillancourt Matter Data III acrylic on linen 36" x 30" 2004

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